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The Hidden Epidemic

Among thousands of patients he has treated, Dr. Brad estimates more than 90 percent suffer health effects related to past emotional trauma. He shares tools and techniques for uncovering and relieving the emotional roots of common illnesses, from depression and obesity to neck and back pain.

Alternative Medicine Breakthroughs

Dr. Brad demonstrates in live broadcasts how people can get instant, dramatic relief by uncovering emotional causes of pain and disease.

The Six Underlying Causes of Disease

From his more than 20 years practice as a holistic physician, Dr. Brad reveals hidden causes of emotional and physical pain and surprising new (and ancient) tools and techniques for healing.

Healing Depression, Anxiety & Loneliness

So many people suffer from, and are prescribed medications for, conditions that are rooted in past traumatic events. Dr. Brad tells how he helps patients uncover and overcome the root cause of their mental anguish.

When the Heart Won't Heal

Dr. Brad explains the latest research findings that confirm that the heart is more than a muscle or pump but the center of our emotional being. He shares case studies of how "heartbreak" can have traumatic effects for people in their health, careers and relationships, and reveals the keys to healing a broken heart.

Stress-Proof Your Health

The links between psychological stress and physical illness are well proven, from hypertension to depressed immune function. Dr. Brad explains and demonstrates proven techniques for relieving stress and bolstering energy and health.

Overweight? Emotional Causes and Cures

Dr. Brad explains the emotional triggers behind overeating, the invisible link between sadness and obesity and the five secrets people need to know to lose stubborn fat and get healthy.

Future Medicine for Healing Past Trauma

Just about everyone has suffered from emotional trauma, from bad breakups to hurts and crises in childhood and adolescence. When emotions are buried, they often resurface in the form of depression, anxiety or physical pain. Dr Brad shares how he helps people uncover emotional wounds and find lasting healing.

Stop Blaming Mom or Dad

Mother's Day and Father's Day, family reunions and other holidays force us to confront relationships that may be far from ideal. Dr. Brad explains how people can heal themselves from emotional wounds of the past and improve their family relationships.

Healing the Incurable

Medical statistics are often discouraging on success rates for healing conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, or severe depression. Dr. Brad shares inspirational success stories of patients who have returned to health from so-called incurable diseases.

Free to Love Again

People deeply wounded in love often experience an inability to trust, give and receive love and establish meaningful relationships, a condition Dr. Brad identifies as a "heart wall." He shares inspiring stories of patients who have lingering loneliness, isolation and sadness to find new love.

Are Money Arguments Hurting Your Relationship?

Money is one of the most common topics couples argue about, but there may be more to it than meets the eye. Some people don’t believe they can have both love and money, while others struggle with self-worth issues that lead to both money and relationship problems. Dr. Brad explains.

Is Resentment Making Your Partner Less Attractive to You?

Do you wish for a better sex life but find you are no longer attracted to your partner? It could be because you are carrying the emotion of resentment in your body. Dr. Brad discusses how to identify and heal issues that turn you off to your partner.

Is Your Relationship Right for You?

If you and your partner can’t seem to overcome your troubles, it’s time for healing to take place. Discovering what is blocking you from enjoying the relationship may allow the relationship to heal and move forward. Or, your healing may allow you to see more clearly that it’s time for you to be in a healthier partnership. Dr. Brad discusses how to know the difference.

Is Weight Gain Your Energetic Armor?

When someone doesn’t feel completely safe with or appreciated by their partner, weight gain can be the result. To lose the weight, you need to heal the emotional issues causing you to hold onto that extra weight in the first place. Dr. Brad explains.
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