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The Body Code: Unlocking Your Body's Ability to Heal Itself

The Body Code: Unlocking Your Body's Ability to Heal Itself,” (February, 2023, St. Martin’s Press) is the long-awaited follow-up to Dr. Bradley Nelson's bestselling book “The Emotion Code.” "The Body Code" is a guide to help people detect and correct underlying imbalances that affect health and wellbeing, including from pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, and structural, circuitry and energy imbalances. Dr. Brad discusses keys to boosting the body’s self-healing powers.

Decoding Imbalances With the Discover Healing App

Dr. Brad first developed the Body Code™ as an advanced self-study course in energy balancing and healing to help people find and “decode” imbalances that may compromise health and wellbeing. Now both the Body Code and the Emotion Code® are available via an app for mobile devices created by Dr. Brad and his team at Discover Healing. He demonstrates how people can uncover imbalances through a simple point-and-click process of elimination with the Discover Healing App.

The Hidden Epidemic

From his 17 years of private practice and more than a decade training thousands of energy healing practitioners worldwide, Dr. Brad concluded that most of the discomfort and illness we experience is rooted in Trapped Emotions™, the term he coined to described unresolved negative emotions people carry from difficult and traumatic experiences. He shares tools and techniques for uncovering and relieving emotional roots of illness.

The Emotion Code, Revised & Expanded

Dr. Brad’s 2007 book “The Emotion Code” sold more than 225,000 copies and launched a self-healing revolution, with more than 10,000 people in 73 countries getting trained and certified to practice the energy healing methods he developed. A revised and expanded edition of the holistic health classic is now available from St. Martin's Press. It includes a new chapter on how we can “inherit” emotions from our ancestors, 60 new subsections, definitions of emotions, new information on the Heart-Wall®, and more details on the process of clearing Trapped Emotions — emotional baggage we carry from difficult and traumatic life experiences.

The World Catches Up

When Dr. Brad wrote “The Emotion Code,” research was just beginning on how emotions impact our health. More than a decade later, studies prove that strong emotions such as anger and sadness can cause pain. Israeli researchers have shrunk cancer tumors in mice by manipulating emotions, and Canadian doctors are practicing a kind of psychotherapy that’s remarkably similar to the Emotion Code. Dr. Brad explains why he believes energy medicine is the future of healthcare.

Bringing Wellness to the World, One Person at a Time

Dr. Brad is among global luminaries featured in the film E-Motion, a documentary about how emotions affect the physiology of the human body. Having trained and certified more than 13,000 energy healing practitioners worldwide in the Emotion Code™ and the Body Code™, Dr. Brad is committed to spreading holistic healing worldwide. He discusses why he considers this his calling in life.

Overcoming Past Trauma With Future Medicine

Just about everyone has suffered from emotional trauma, from bad breakups to hurts and crises in childhood and adolescence. When emotions are buried, they often resurface in the form of sadness, worry or physical discomfort. Dr. Brad shares how he helps people uncover emotional wounds and find lasting relief.

The Emotional Roots of Sadness, Anxiety and Loneliness

Loneliness raises the risk of stroke and heart disease and contributes to depression, anxiety, addiction, and other health problems, research indicates. Meanwhile, suicide and opioid overdoses are shortening Americans’ lifespans and leaving families devastated. Dr. Brad shares how ordinary people are being trained to help friends, family members, and neighbors in distress.

From Small Town Doctor to Global Healer: The Amazing Life of Dr. Bradley Nelson

A veteran holistic chiropractor, Dr. Brad shares how his own early bout with illness, a career in computer programming, and prayer put him on a path to develop the energy healing systems now taught and practiced around the world.

When the Heart Won't Heal

Dr. Brad explains the latest research findings that confirm that the heart is more than a muscle or pump; in fact, it’s the center of our emotional being. He shares case studies of how "heartbreak" can have traumatic effects for people in their health, careers, and relationships, and reveals the keys to healing a broken heart.

Stress-Proof Your Health

The links between psychological stress and physical illness are well proven, from hypertension to depressed immune function. Dr. Brad explains and demonstrates techniques for relieving stress and bolstering energy and health.

Echoing Across Generations: How Emotions Can Be Inherited

The revised and expanded edition of “The Emotion Code” features a new chapter on how we can “inherit” emotions from our ancestors. Dr. Brad explains how people can inherit emotions from parents, grandparents, and – through DNA – even earlier generations. “Most often we find that inherited Trapped Emotions come from a mother, father, or grandparents,” he says. “Sometimes, however, we find the emotions go back many generations."

12 Signs of Bullying and What to Do

More than 43 percent of teens report being bullied online, with 70 percent of students saying they witness frequent bullying online, research shows. Dr. Brad reveals the warning signs parents should watch for, and tells how getting rid of Trapped Emotions can help both victims and perpetrators of bullying.

Overweight? Emotional Causes and Cures

Dr. Brad explains the emotional triggers behind overeating, the invisible link between sadness and obesity, and the five secrets people need to know to lose stubborn fat and get healthy.

Is There a Wall Around Your Heart?

When people are deeply hurt, they often experience an inability to trust, give and receive love, and establish meaningful relationships. Dr. Brad discovered and named this condition the "Heart Wall®." He discusses why we subconsciously build walls around our hearts to protect them from further hurt, how Heart-Walls can hide Trapped Emotions and harm relationships, plus new information on how to dismantle them from the revised and expanded edition of “The Emotion Code.”

Is Weight Gain Your Energetic Armor?

When someone doesn’t feel completely safe with or appreciated by his or her partner, they may put on weight as a form of protection. Dr. Brad explains some of the emotional issues that can cause people to hold on to excess weight.

Stop Blaming Mom or Dad

Mother's Day and Father's Day, family reunions, and other holidays force us to confront relationships that may be far from ideal. Dr. Brad explains how people can overcome emotional wounds of the past and improve their family relationships.

The 6 Underlying Causes of Disease

Dr. Brad explains the six imbalances responsible for virtually all illness, and how they can be addressed naturally, without drugs or surgery, using methods from the Body Code healing system.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Bully You – “Reroute” Them

Dr. Brad shares his 10-step process to transform negative emotions into positive ones, from the revised and expanded 2019 edition of “The Emotion Code.”

Energy Healing Breakthroughs Live

In live broadcasts, Dr. Brad demonstrates how people can experience dramatic relief from the emotional causes of discomfort and illness.

Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back? Free Your Future with the Belief Code®

Our core beliefs dramatically impact how we perceive every aspect of our lives. Dr. Bradley Nelson discusses the Belief Code®, the new advanced level of energy healing certification he developed to help people unearth and release negative belief systems and create space for new empowering thoughts.
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